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Operated by a charitable trust.

We 're here to help support
the local community.

We're  able to do 

what we do thanks

to you.


Invested into the community.


Community Organisations Supported


Very proud Charitable trust 

Kerry Chamberlain, NOGS

"We are truly grateful for the partnership with Resource Recovery Devonport in our shared commitment to fostering a vibrant and eco-friendly community."

Ngau-te-ringaringa Community

We're proud to be a Major Sponsor and supporter of the work Restoring Takarunga Hauraki is doing for the local environment!

Over several months with help from members of the community,

the Ngau-te-ringaringa Community Nursery is up and running.

Growing a wide range of Native plants to help in community planting projects and available to purchase to support future operations.


Pop down to the nursery for a visit or volunteer to help this wonderful local initiative continue to do good work in the community.


 27A Lake Road / Darce Park

(Opposite North Shore United Football Club


Tuesday 1-3 pm      Thursday- 3-5 pm

Their Grant facilitated crucial repairs and improvements, addressing the dilapidated state of our kitchen/meeting room.


Thanks to your funding, NOGs now boasts a clean and dry kitchen that serves as a pivotal hub for various garden activities. Your support goes beyond the physical improvements; it strengthens our sense of community and empowers us to continue our mission of sustainable and organic gardening practices.

This multifunctional space is utilised daily by our members attending their plots, hosting committee meetings, facilitating social gatherings, and conducting workshops. Additionally, it plays a central role in community outreach, enabling us to host events such as playcentre and pre-school visits.

- Kerry Chamberlain

"Resource Recovery Devonport's funding has ensured
this classic community event has continued" 

It is impressive to see how this event has been through so much and it is still continuing to thrive and we are seeing almost 100 tamariki on each session weekly. By having RRD’s support to continue this event, it allows for our tamariki to challenge their bodies in a non-competitive environment, learn a few specialised skills in a variety of athletic activities while also fostering leadership skills in our high school students. These students run the different stations available at this event and are there to ensure the attendees are challenged, supported and are also enjoying themselves during this event.

- Madelaine, Devonport Peninsula Trust

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